Restaurant Menu



 *Non Vegetarian

Carpaccio di salmone Fresh salmon carpaccio Rs.520/-
Salmone e rughetta Smoked salmon on Rocket salad and balsamic Rs.510/-
Cocktail di Gamberetti Shrimp Cocktail Rs.320/-
Calamari fritti Deep fried calamari rings with salad, sauce tartare Rs.380/-
Pollo fritto Breaded fried chicken fingers with salad, cocktail sauce Rs.340/-
Affettati misti A plate of Italian cuts, salami n cured ham, grilled veg. olives Rs.480/-
Carpaccio di manzo Thin sliced raw beef, lemon, olive oil, Parmesan Rs.390/-
Prosciutto e melone Italian cured ham on muskmelon slices Rs.400/-
Porchetta Romana Home made roasted ham, artichokes, aioli’ sauce Rs.300/-


Verdure grigliate A plate of grilled vegetable, garlic, parsley and olive oil Rs.280/-
Caprese Naples salad: tomatoes n Mozzarella slices, basil, olive oil, oregano Rs.310/-
Formaggi misti 4 farm fresh choice of cheeses, grilled veg. olives  Rs.330/-
Fette di mozzarella fritta Crumbed fried Mozzarella cheese steaks Rs.265/-
Verdure fritte Deep fried crispy vegetables with chilly sauce Rs.280/-
Patatine fritte con formaggio Crispy fries with melted cheese Rs.250/-
Funghi arrosto Roasted bread crumbed mushrooms  Rs.250/-

Bread based starters

Bruschette, crostini e focacce

 *Non Vegetarian

Crostini prosciutto e mozzarella Homemade bread, Italian ham, cheese Rs.360/-
Crostini al salame Homemade bread  with Italian salami n cheese Rs.350/-
Crostini al pollo aromatico Homemade bread, aromatic chicken n cheese Rs.310/-
Crostini pancetta e mozzarella Homemade bread with bacon n cheese Rs.340/-
Crostini al salmone Homemade bread with smoked salmon n cheese Rs.380/-


Bruschette all`aglio Toasted bread with butter and garlic Rs. 160/-
Bruschette al pomodoro Toasted bread with tomatoes, parsley, garlic Rs.180/-
Bruschetta vegetarian Toasted bread with ratatouille of vegetables Rs.210/-
Crostini all’aglio Cheese-garlic bread Rs.210/-
Crostini margherita Toasted bread with fresh tomatoes n cheese Rs.230/-
Crostini ai funghi Toasted bread with cream of mushrooms n cheese Rs.250/-
Crostini con pasta di olive Toasted bread with homemade olive paste n oregano Rs.210/-
Crostini noci e gorgonzola Toasted bread with walnuts, Blue cheese, Mozzarella Rs.280/-
Focaccia Pizza shaped bread with rosemary n olive oil Rs.180/-
Focaccia alle olive Pizza shaped bread with olives Rs.220/-
Focaccia alla rughetta Pizza shaped bread with rocket salad, olive oil Rs.220/-
Focaccia all’aglio Pizza shaped bread with garlic, olive oil Rs.220/-
Pane Bread basket Rs.140/-


Le zuppe

Gazpacho Chilled fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs Rs.215/-
Velute’ di carote Creamy carrot soup with a hint of mint Rs.220/-
Crema di verdure Verdi Creamy all green vegetables Rs.225/-
Zuppa di porri  Classic Italian leeks creamy Rs.215/-
Zuppa al granchio Creamy crab and potatoes Rs.280/-
Zuppa di pollo Clear with stripes of chicken, spinach and mushroom Rs.230/-


Le insalate

Our salads are made with all the varieties of lettuce available in the market, which includes rocket salad

*Non Vegetarian

Bella Ciao salad Fresh lettuce, ham, mushrooms, sweet corn, celery,Cheddar cheese, crispy croutons Rs.340/-
Chicken salad Stripes of grilled chicken, lettuce, celery, onion, mayo Rs.320/-
Crab salad Fresh lettuce, crabmeat n cocktail sauce Rs.350/-
Seafood salad Delicious seafood salad with garlic vinaigrette dressing Rs.350/-
Tuna salad Fresh lettuce, rocket salad, tomatoes, onion, tuna chunks Rs.340/-
Crispy prawns salad Fresh lettuce, rocket salad, honey dressing, crispy prawns Rs.360/-


Baggio salad Fresh lettuce, celery, mushrooms, sweet corn, Cheddar,crispy croutons Rs.260/-
Blue salad Fresh lettuce, cabbage, beetroots, carrot, Blue cheese Rs.290/-
Romana salad Fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, rocket, walnuts, Mozzarella Rs.260/-
Greek salad Juicy tomatoes, olives, cucumber, capers, onions, Feta Rs.290/-
Mixed salad Fresh lettuce, rocket salad, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot  Rs.250/-


Choose your pasta shape between: Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Gnocchi, Penne, Fusilli, and Farfalle

*Non Vegetarian

Del sud Sundried tomatoes, grilled chicken, jalapenos, olives Rs.425/-
4P (Pollo,Panna, Piselli, Parmigiano) Chicken, cream, peas and Parmesan Rs.420/-
Bolognese Classic Italian lamb meat tomatoes sauce Rs.430/-
Carbonara  Bacon, egg, black pepper, Parmesan Rs.435/-
Gorgonzola e pancetta Blue cheese, smoked bacon cream sauce Rs.450/-
Salsiccia e funghi Italian sausages, mushroom, garlic, parsley, olive oil Rs.460/-
Amatriciana  A delicate tomatoes sauce with bacon or grilled chicken Rs.460/-
Pescatora Seafood sauce: prawns, squids, fish, octopus Rs.480/-
Mari e monti Prawns, wild mushrooms, calamari, wine, olive oil Rs.475/-
Al salmone Creamy smoked salmon sauce Rs.580/-
Granchio Creamy pink fresh crabmeat sauce Rs.480/-
Puttanesca al tonno Tomato sauce, tuna, olives, basil, cappers Rs.450/-


Aglio, olio e peperoncino Garlic, olive oil and red chilies Rs.390/-
Pomodoro e basilico Fresh tomatoes sauce, basil, olive oil and Parmesan Rs.390/-
Arrabbiata Spicy garlic and red chilly tomato sauce Rs.390/-
Vodka The Pink sauce with vodka Rs.390/-
Checca Cherry tomatoes, olives, cappers, basil, Mozzarella Rs.410/-
Pesto Classic basil based sauce, garlic, Parmesan, olive oil  Rs.425/-
4 formaggi Creamy 4 cheeses sauce Rs.430/-
Funghi e spinaci  Creamy mushroom and spinach sauce Rs.410/-
Aromatica Capsicum, walnuts, cream, Parmesan, sundried tomatoes Rs.430/-
Zucchine, melanzane e peperoni Zucchini, eggplant and capsicum Rs.410/-

Home made pasta and risotto

Risotto is a class of Italian rice dishes cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The broth is vegetable-based. Risotto contains butter, wine and onion. It is the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy.

Lasagne  are a dish made with several layers of sheets alternated with sauces and various other ingredients.

Ravioli are a traditional type of Italian filled pasta.

 *Non Vegetarian

Ravioli di carne  Creamy sauce chicken ravioli Rs.410/-
Lasagna non vegetariane Béchamel and tomatoes lamb sauce Rs.410/-
Risotto broccoli e pancetta Arborio rice with delicate bacon and broccoli sauce Rs.465/-
Risotto Pollo, olive, rosmarino Arborio rice, grilled chicken, olives, rosemary Rs.440/-
Risotto pescatora Arborio rice cooked in tomato seafood sauce Rs.520/-
Risotto salmone e carciofi Arborio rice salmon and artichokes sauce Rs.590/-


Ravioli spinaci Butter sage sauce Ravioli stuffed with spinach, cheese Rs.410/-
Ravioli funghi Mushrooms sauce Ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, cheese Rs.410/-
Lasagna vegetariane Vegetables, béchamel and tomatoes sauce Rs.450/-
Risotto funghi e spinaci Arborio rice prepared with mushrooms, spinach Rs.460/-
Risotto zafferano e zucchini Arborio rice cooked with saffron and zucchini Rs.495/-

Pizza (wood fired 12”pizza)

Pizze forno a legna

 *Non Vegetarian

Fresh mozzarella is served on all our pizzas

Frutti di mare Tomato sauce, cheese, grilled seafood and extra cheese Rs.530/-
Chicken bar-b-q Tomato sauce, cheese, bar-b-q chicken Rs.520/-
Chicken trio Tomato sauce, cheese, bar-b-q chicken, sausages, salami Rs.580/-
Concerto Tomato sauce, cheese, bar-b-q chicken, sundried tomato, jalapeno Rs.560/-
4 stagioni Tomato sauce, cheese, Parma ham, artichokes, eggs, olives Rs.575/-
Tesoro Cheese, cooked ham, Blue cheese, artichokes Rs.595/-
Favorita Cheese, Parma ham, salami Milano, chorizo, Blue cheese Rs.595/-
Capricciosa Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, egg, olives Rs.560/-
Carnivora Tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, salami and sausages Rs.560/-
Bella Ciao Tomato sauce, cheese, bacon and mushrooms Rs.520/-
Killer Tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, eggs, capsicum Rs.530/-
Parma ham Cheese, Parma ham Rs.560/-
Parma ham and Rocket Tomato sauce, cheese, Parma ham, Rocket salad Rs.575/-
Sogno bianco Cheese, Blue cheese, bacon, artichokes Rs.530/-
Salsicce e funghi Tomato sauce, cheese, Italian sausages and wild mushrooms Rs.560/-
Salame milano (Peperoni ) Tomato sauce, cheese, salami Milano Rs.575/-
Mari e monti Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, prawns, sundried tomatoes Rs.530/-
Gamberi granchio e rucola Tomato sauce, cheese, crabmeat, prawns, rocket Rs.590/-
Al salmone Cheese, smoked salmon, basil, balsamic Rs.630/-
Norvegian Tomato sauce, cheese, salmon, artichokes, capers Rs.645/-
Tonno Tomato sauce, cheese, tuna shanks, rocket, cherry tomatoes Rs.575/-
Al Capone Cheese, bacon, sausages and mushrooms Rs.520/-
Calzone Folded pizza with cheese, ham, salami, egg, mushrooms Rs.585/-


Fresh mozzarella is served on all our pizzas


Margherita Tomato sauce and cheese, garnished with basil Rs.410/-
Funghi Tomato sauce, cheese, 2 types of mushrooms Rs.450/-
Siciliana Tomato sauce, cheese, brinjol, capsicum, onion, olives Rs.475/-
Italia Tomato sauce, cheese, pesto, cherry tomatoes Rs.445/-
Verde Cheese, olive paste, spinach, broccoli, zucchini Rs.490/-
Ascetica Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese Rs.515/-
Felice Tomato sauce, cheese, artichokes, onion, olives Rs.490/-
Sadica Tomato sauce, cheese, onions, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic Rs.495/-
Ortolana Tomato sauce, cheese, zucchini and broccoli Rs.475/-
Tarantella  Cheese, sliced potatoes and leeks, olive oil, rosemary Rs.445/-
Toscana Tomato sauce, cheese, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, rocket, olives Rs.510/-
Speciale Cheese, sundried tomatoes, onion and olives Rs.460/-
Calzone  Folded pizza with cheese, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms Rs.495/-
Calzone caprese Folded pizza with cheese, tomatoes, olives, oregano Rs.495/-
4 formaggi  Mozzarella, Blue, Cheddar, Parmesan cheese Rs.480/-
Pizza salad Tomato sauce, cheese, lettuce, rocket, cocktail sauce, cherry tomatoes Rs.490/-
Saporita Tomato sauce, cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, Feta, olives Rs.500/-


Add on:

Onions, eggplants, capsicums, mushrooms, olives, spinach, pineapple, green chilies Rs.80/-
Broccoli, zucchini, wild mushrooms Rs.100/-
Artichokes, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, capers, jalapeno Rs.120/-
Pesto, olive paste Rs.80/-
Extra mozzarella cheese Rs.130/-
Blue cheese, Feta, Parmesan Rs.160/-
Chicken, chicken sausages Rs.120/-
Beef, prawns, squids Rs.140/-
Bacon, Ham, Salami Rs.140/-
Imported cuts, Italian cured ham, Salami, Chorizo Rs.210/-

Side dishes (Contorni)

Patate fritte french fries Patate arrosto roasted potatoes Rs.200/-
Funghi trifolati saute’ masrooms  Pure’ di patate mashed potatoes
Spinaci saltati sauté of spinach Riso al burro butter basmati rice

Main courses


*Sauté vegetables are served along with a choice of fries, mashed or roasted potatoes or butter rice with all the non vegetarian dishes below.

*Non Vegetarian

Pollo ham n cheese Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and ham in white wine Rs.460/-
Petti di pollo alla Milanese Chicken breast steak breadcrumbs fried Rs.420/-
Petti di pollo panna e funghi Chicken stripes with cream, mushroom, peas Rs.445/-
Spiedini di pollo Skewers of roasted chicken marinated in Bbq sauce Rs.420/-
Spiedini di carne  Skewers of roasted beef marinated with oregano Rs.470/-
Agnello al pepe verde  Lamb chops served in green pepper sauce Rs.440/-
Filetto di manzo Grilled beef filet medallion Rs.450/-
Pizzaiola di carne Beef tenderloin in tomato sauce, cappers, olives Rs.450/-
Lombata di maiale Grilled pork chop T-bone steak Rs.460/-
Porchetta e rucola Roasted pork leg meat with rocket and tuna sauce Rs.430/-
Filetto di salmone  Medium grilled filet of salmon in white wine Rs.620/-
Gamberoni Medium size prawns grilled or wine sauce Rs.490/-
Fritto misto Batter deep fried calamari rings and prawns Rs.460/-
Filetti di Pesce grigliati Fresh fish fillets marinated in olive oil and grilled Rs.450/-
Pesce alla livornese Fish fillets in tomato sauce with olives n capers Rs.460/-
Piatto misto di mare  A mixed platter of prawns, calamari, fish filet Rs.550/-


Melanzane parmigiana Baked eggplant in tomato Parmesan sauce Rs.380/-
Verdure al gratin Backed vegetables with béchamel sauce and cheese Rs.360/-
Crespella primavera Crepe mushrooms, spinach and blue cheese Rs.375/-
Crespella paesana Crepe broccoli, sundried tomatoes, olives Rs.375/-

Home made desserts

Dolci della casa

Espresso affogato Vanilla ice-cream drawn in espresso coffee Rs.210/-
Torta alle mele Granny’s home made apple pie Rs.230/-
Torta al cioccolato Moist layered chocolate cake Rs.210/-
Tiramisu’  Italian dessert infused with coffee, cognac, mascarpone Rs.240/-
Mousse al cioccolato Tick black chocolate mousse Rs.210/-
Panna cotta Italian classic cream dessert: strawberry or caramel Rs.220/-
Creme caramel Cold light egg custard flavored with caramel Rs.210/-
Creme brule’ Rich home made custard with a layer of hard caramel Rs.210/-
Crepe Nutella French Nutella pancake Rs.230/-
Crepe Nutella banana Pancake with Nutella and banana Rs.240/-
Macedonia  Freshly cut fruit salad Rs.190/-
Macedonia with ice cream fruit cuts with ice cream Rs.260/-




Italian ice cream by scoop

Flavors Dark Chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry, coffee, butterscotch Rs.120/-

 Mixed flavored cups

Bella Ciao express vanilla, butterscotch, coffee, nuts, choco chips, sauce Rs.260/-
Spring effect vanilla, strawberry, fresh fruits, strawberry sauce
Bella Ciao special chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, choco chips, nuts
Expert chocolate, vanilla, coffee, caramel sauce, nuts





Acqua Natural mineral water Rs.50/-
Soda water Soda Rs.40/-
Soft drinks Coke, sprite, Pepsi or 7up Rs.50/-
Succhi di frutta Fruit juices: apple, sweet lime, pineapple, carrot, lime,watermelon, pomegranate, grape, papaya, mango, guava, orange Rs.180/-
Milk shakes Banana, apple, chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, vanilla, papaya Rs.190/-
Milk shakes with a scoop of ice cream Rs.240/-
Ice tea Lemon, peach, green tea Rs.180/-
Red bull Rs.160/-
Lime juice Rs.100/-
Lime soda Rs.120/-
Granite Ice blended: lemon, lemon-mint, grape-lemon, blue-lemon Rs.175/-
Diet coke Rs.110/-

Hot beverages

Bevande calde


Caffe’ espresso Brewed strong black coffee shot Rs.120/-
Caffe-latte Light white coffee in a glass with steamed milk Rs.160/-
Cappuccino Strong white coffee with foamed steamed milk Rs.140/-
Americano Light long coffee Rs.130/-
Hot tea Green, lemon grass, ginger, mint, cardamom, lemon, afternoon, earl grey Rs.140/-


Fresh fruit mocktails

Italiano Watermelon, lime, mint leaves Rs.190/-
Mammamia Apple, banana, almond powder
Romantico  Watermelon and pineapple
Dolce Lime with a dash of honey and mint leaves
Inferno Grape and watermelon
Alba Sweet lime, pineapple, strawberry syrup
Monnalisa Papaya, lime garnished with mint leaves
Passione Apple, banana with chocolate or strawberry syrup
Vertigine Apple, mango and pineapple
Amalgama Watermelon, pineapple and mango

Health juices

Fruits and vegetables juices

Energizer Orange, banana, pineapple Rs.210/-
Skinny me Apple, carrot, pineapple
Wake me up Orange, banana, strawberry
Clear minds Beetroot, carrot, pineapple
Slimmer paradise Apple, guava, celery, cucumber
Spring clean Apple, watermelon, cucumber
Eco Spinach, cucumber, celery, apple

For the little ones

Menu for children

Small portions and 9”pizza


 *Non Vegetarian


Penne cream ham and cheese

Mini lasagna

Spaghetti Bolognese

Grilled chicken with chips or mash potatoes

Fried chicken with chips or mash potatoes

Fish n chips

Pizza chicken sausages

Pizza bbq chicken



Mini lasagna

Pasta butter and cheese

Pasta tomato basil and cheese

Pizza margherita

Pizza mushrooms

Pizza sweet corn